Press Release
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

On October 20, 2017 the 12th Judicial Circuit LEN (Law Enforcement Network) conducted a safety checkpoint on SC-41 at Zion Road in Marion County. A total of (102) vehicles were encountered and (2) arrests were made.

The following Citations/Arrests were reported by Lt. A.B. Fox of the FCSO Traffic Safety Unit/Assistant Coordinator for the 12th Circuit LEN:

(2) DUI - Driving Under the Influence Violations
(4) Child Restraint Violations
(2) Simple Possession of Marijuana Violations
(4) Open Container Violations
(5) Driving Under Suspension Violations
(1) Expired Vehicle Tag Violation
(2) No SC Driver's License Violations
(1) Equipment Violation
(10) Improper Turn Violations

"The Twelfth Circuit Law Enforcement Network consists of all law enforcement agencies in Florence and Marion Counties including SC State Constables and the 12th Judicial Circuit Solicitor's Office, and is sponsored through the South Carolina Department of Public Safety."

Lt. Kathleen V. Streett
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