July 7, 2017

The Florence County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Safety Unit conducted enforcement operations throughout Florence County during the month of June 2017. The Traffic Safety Unit is made up of 6 Deputies, three of whom are funded by a traffic safety grant that the Sheriff’s Office received in October of 2016. The primary function of the Traffic Safety Unit is to reduce the number of traffic collisions and fatalities experienced in Florence County. Members of the FCSO Traffic Safety Unit will focus their enforcement efforts on roadways that have a high number of collisions and traffic related deaths. Team members will also be concentrating on the traffic violations that are considered the leading causes of traffic deaths which are Speeding, DUI, and Seatbelt violations. All members of the Traffic Safety Unit are certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing, Breath Test Operators, Speed Measurement Device Operators, and two members are certified Drug Recognition Experts. Members of the Traffic Safety Unit whose positions are paid for by the Traffic Safety Grant have also received specialized vehicles and equipment, and their salaries will be paid for by grant funds for the next three years. The Traffic Safety Unit also participates with the 12th Circuit LEN and will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints throughout Florence County during the month of July. For the month of June, 2017 the Traffic Safety Unit reports the following statistics;

Traffic Violations
DUI: 10
Seatbelt: 80
Child Restraint Violations: 14
Speeding: 122
Driving Under Suspension: 23
Driving Without a License: 6
Uninsured Motorist: 3
Other Traffic Violations: 269
Total number of Traffic Citations: 527
Criminal Violations
Drug Arrests: 29
Fugitive Arrests: 5
Weapons Law Violations: 4
Other Criminal Violations: 7
Total Criminal Violations: 35
Collisions Investigated: 6
Safety Presentations: 2
Traffic Safety Checkpoints: 6
Traffic Safety Unit Total Contacts: 562

If your organization or group would like to host a Safety Presentation by the FCSO Traffic Safety Unit, please contact Lieutenant A.B. Fox at (843) 665-2121, ext. 302.

Major Michael M. Nunn
General Counsel/P.I.O.