May 5, 2017


In what seems to be a never ending cycle, telephone scammers are again trying to separate law abiding citizens from their money. In the past, telephone and mail scammers have posed as IRS agents seeking to collect back taxes, friends or relatives stranded in foreign countries, sweepstakes officials trying to send you winning proceeds and even sheriff’s deputies purportedly helping you to avoid arrest for failing to appear for jury duty. The one thing all scams have in common is that they are not true.

The latest telephone scam involves a caller posing as a FCSO deputy advising that one of your relatives is in jail and requesting you give the deputy bond money so the relative can be released. This and anything remotely similar is a scam, so don’t fall for it! Bonds for the release of criminal suspects are set and administered by the court and the Sheriff’s Office has nothing to do with either the setting, posting or procuring of any bond. No FCSO deputy will ever demand that you pay them for a ticket, a fine, to stay out of jail or for bond money, either in cash or by way of credit or gift card…EVER! We are not a collection agency for the court or any other entity.

Our financial and internet crime investigators work closely with state and federal partners in an attempt to locate and prosecute these scammers. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of them are located in other states or foreign countries, and there is little law enforcement can do to stop it. The scammers seem to target the vulnerable and elderly who are trusting by nature. Our best advice is to simply hang up, and if possible, block the number from ever calling you again. Report any scammers that you are aware of to FCSO Investigators at (843) 665-2121, ext. 374. Don’t be a victim of telephone scams!

Major Michael M. Nunn
General Counsel/P.I.O.