June 17, 2016

Marijuana Infused Candy

A recent traffic stop by a member of the Florence County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Enforcement Unit (CEU) on I-95 resulted in the discovery of a quantity of hydroponically grown marijuana as well as candies infused with tetrahydorcannibinol (THC), the primary psychoactive constituent of marijuana. These THC infused products are manufactured to resemble candies available for purchase in retail stores and are virtually indistinguishable from the brand named candies without a chemical analysis. According to deputies, the THC infused candies were produced in Colorado where medical marijuana is legal. It is not legal to possess or transport these products outside Colorado.

According to the labels, the candy is stated to contain approximately 100 mg of THC. Parents are cautioned that these products are possibly available for purchase or distribution outside Colorado, although they are illegal outside that state. Anyone encountering any of these products is asked to contact the Florence County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division at (843) 665-2121, ext. 330.


Major Michael M. Nunn
General Counsel/P.I.O.