January 3, 2014


Florence County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a rash of home and vehicle break-ins over the past several days in Florence County.  According to Investigators, while there is no particular discernable pattern or location, a number of the recent break-ins have occurred in the Siesta Village, Windsor Forest, Grove Park and Vintage Place neighborhoods.  Investigators believe that the home break-ins are partially the result of thieves noticing empty boxes of items given as Christmas gifts such as flat screen televisions, computer games and other electronic equipment being left for trash collectors on the side of the road.  Unfortunately, the empty boxes and containers often provide the “would be” thief with an inventory of newly acquired items in the home. FCSO urges everyone to avoid leaving empty boxes outside the home for thieves to see.

In addition, these areas continue to experience vehicle break-ins, particularly at night, some of which are left unlocked.  Items visible from outside the vehicle such as GPSs, CD players, money and other valuables are an invitation to thieves to break into the vehicles as the items are easily disposed of on the street.  Even small amounts of change left in the vehicle can entice a thief to break in.  In addition, Investigators continue to receive reports of handguns being stolen out of vehicles.  FCSO urges gun owners not to leave firearms in vehicles as they are a prime target for thieves.  A high percentage of gun crimes are committed with firearms stolen from vehicle break-ins. 

FCSO urges the use of common sense measures to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim of home or vehicle break-ins.  Crime Watch Organizations are on heightened alert and are available to receive information of suspicious activity.  Anyone having information regarding these break-ins or any other suspicious activity is asked to contact FCSO. 


Captain Michael M. Nunn
General Counsel/P.I.O.