December 15, 2015


Over the past month, deputies with the Florence County Sheriff’s Office have been called to respond to numerous reports of vehicle break-ins in various neighborhoods in Florence County. The Lake Oakdale community and Chadwick Place subdivisions are two of the hardest hit areas. Victims report that various items have been stolen from their vehicles overnight, nearly all of which were unlocked. Loose change, firearms, handheld electronic devices including Ipads, Ipods, laptops and GPSs have been reported stolen from these vehicles. In most instances, the thieves did not vandalize or damage the vehicles or activate security systems, but simply entered through unlocked doors.

Investigators believe the majority of the thefts occur between midnight and 6:00 AM. No neighborhood or area is immune. Suspects may be arriving in the neighborhoods by vehicle, but appear to be moving from house to house on foot checking for unlocked vehicles.

FCSO urges citizens to remove any items of value from their vehicles overnight, especially money, firearms and electronic devices. The most effective measures to avoid becoming a victim are to simply lock your vehicle and not leave valuables in plain view. Also, please report any suspicious activity in your area, especially in the early morning hours. Don’t be a victim. Lock your vehicles overnight!

Major Michael M. Nunn
General Counsel/P.I.O.