October 27, 2015


Today, Sheriff Kenney Boone excitedly announced the 2015-16 Fall Membership Drive for the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association (SCSA) would soon be underway. Sheriff Boone went on to explain that as an active member of SCSA and its current president, he invites the citizens of Florence County to join the Association as an Honorary Member.

The South Carolina Sheriff’s Association provides aggressive advocacy using the strong unified voice of South Carolina’s 46 elected Sheriffs. The Association is a key player in shaping state policy on public safety and crime prevention, as well as providing critical training to Sheriff’s teams. “With government funding becoming increasingly difficult to secure, the membership drive has taken on greater importance than it ever has before,” Sheriff Boone stated. “The funding is vital to help us carry out our mission of making our communities safer places to live, work and play.”

Membership appeals will be sent out through a direct mail piece over the coming days. Individuals choosing to join the voluntary program can do so for as little as $25.00, while businesses can show their support with a $50.00 contribution. The funding provides critically important technical resources, training and legislative support on key criminal justice issues. It is important to note that contributions are tax deductible.

“I realize that everyone does not have the ability or desire to become an Honorary Member of the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association,” Sheriff Boone said. “But rest assured that your ability to join this reputable organization will not impact the level of service you receive from my office. I would simply ask you to consider joining SCSA as an Honorary Member if you have the means and are so inclined.”

Individuals that do not receive a membership appeal and would like more information can contact the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association by phone at (803) 772-1101, online at or by mail at 112 Westpark Boulevard, Columbia, SC 29210.

Sheriff Boone would like to remind everyone that the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association does not solicit via telemarketing. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be calling on behalf of the Association, know that the solicitation is false and hang up. No one will be contacting you by phone.

In closing, Sheriff Boone would like to encourage the citizens of Florence County to partner with the South Carolina Sheriff’s Association to “help fight for safer places to live, work and play.”


Major Michael M. Nunn
General Counsel/P.I.O.