August 11, 2015


Summer vacation is almost over and school will begin again soon. Students in Florence County Public Schools are scheduled to report for classes beginning Monday, August 17, 2015. FCSO urges all parents, teachers, students and motorists to be aware that the start of school brings with it increased traffic volume, longer lines at stop lights and stop signs, school busses stopping to pick up and let off students and school speed zones. We ask that everyone exercise added caution and patience, with due regard to the fact that our children are on the roads both in the morning and in the afternoon. Their safety and the safety of everyone using the roadways is our mission. With that in mind, FCSO deputies will be out in force in school speed zones and areas where school busses operate to enforce the law.

“ When it comes to the safety of our children, we will have a “zero tolerance” for speeding through school speed zones or disregarding school bus stop signs,” Sheriff Kenney Boone stated.

FCSO urges everyone to leave home a little earlier than normal to avoid having to rush, especially during the first week or so of classes while everyone gets used to the new traffic volume, crossing guards and traffic patterns. School speed zones are vitally important to the safety of our children as well as parents who drop them off. School bus stops are also safety concern as students gather near roadways waiting to board and then walk along the roadway when they get off. Motorists should always be aware of the naturally impulsive nature of small children walking along the roadways, but especially so at this time of the year.

Please help us make this a year during which we have no injuries to our children as they travel to and from school.


Major Michael M. Nunn
General Counsel/P.I.O.