December 12, 2013



The Holiday Season is in full swing and there are only a few shopping days left until Christmas.  Everyone is brimming with anticipation of the parties, the presents and the time we will spend with family.  Unfortunately, crooks see this as a time of opportunity with you as their “unwilling Santa.”  To avoid becoming a victim of these “Scrooges” FCSO offers the following common sense tips for Holiday Shoppers.

• Shop during daylight or in well lighted areas.  If you must shop at night, consider taking a friend or family member.
• Park as close to your shopping destination as you can and take notice of where you park.
• When leaving your vehicle, be aware of your surroundings and do not leave your vehicle if there are suspicious people around.  This also applies when returning to your vehicle.
• Do not leave packages or valuables visible inside your vehicle.  Place them in the trunk.
• Dress casually and comfortably, but avoid wearing expensive clothing or jewelry.
• Stay alert to your surroundings both in the parking lot and inside the store or mall.
• Ladies, carry your purse close to your side with the opening next to your body.  
• Carry your wallet or cash in a front pocket as opposed to the back pocket.  
• Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason.  Con-artists will try to distract you by various techniques with the intent of taking your money or belongings.  They sometimes work in pairs.
• When returning to your car, make sure you are not carrying more that you are able to prevent being observant to your surroundings.
When returning to your car, have your car keys in your hand and be ready to press the “Panic Button” if needed.  

“We hope that everyone has a safe, joyous and meaningful Christmas Holiday,” Sheriff Kenney Boone stated.  “Our Deputies will be out in force with both marked and unmarked units to provide a deterrent to crime during Holiday Season.  Observing these common sense safety tips will reduce your chances of being a victim of the “Shopping Scrooges.”


Captain Michael M. Nunn
General Counsel/P.I.O.