September 23, 2014

FCSO Investigates Car Break-ins

Vehicle break-ins are an internationally common crime, and Florence County is not immune. Florence County Sheriff’s Deputies have responded to a rash of vehicle break-ins in the Oakdale/Pine Needles Road area of the county in the past several days. According to FCSO Investigators, a significant number of thefts from vehicles parked in residential driveways are occurring, most likely during the hours between midnight and 4:00 AM. These incidents most often involve unlocked vehicles where thieves remove any cash, currency, handbags, electronic devices such as portable computers, MP3 players, CD’s, GPS’s, radar detectors and sometimes handguns, sometimes without ever having to break into the vehicle. In some cases however, thieves obtain entry by breaking out a window and reaching inside the vehicle for the valuables. The vehicle security system may or may not be activated by breaking the glass. The whole process takes about 30 seconds.

You can reduce your risk of becoming a victim by taking some common sense safety measures;

  • Install motion detection flood lights where you park your vehicle;
  • Never leave any items attractive to thieves visible in your vehicle, even pocket change;
  • Remove chargers for electronic devices as they suggest to thieves that the devices themselves may be inside;
  • Remove stereo face plates and satellite radio receivers;
  • Never leave a firearm anywhere in the vehicle, period! Firearms stolen from vehicles are often used to commit crimes by career criminals who are prohibited from obtaining firearms by legal means.

While it is impossible to insure that you will never be a victim of vehicle break in,

it goes without saying that the best defense is to lock the vehicle, raise the windows fully, and engage your vehicle security system if you have one.

Please report any suspicious activity to the Florence County Sheriff’s Office immediately.


Major Michael M. Nunn
General Counsel/P.I.O.