Special Operations Division

The Special Operations Division of the FCSO has a number of specially trained officers to respond to a variety of incidents. The Criminal Enforcement Unit provides drug interdiction along Florence County's highways and interstates. They are responsible for patrolling the interstates and highways to stop the transportation of illegal contraband, recovering the assets from illegal activities, wanted criminals, and other criminal activity. The Pro-Active Community Enforcement Unit (PACE), has been instrumental in reducing the numbers of some crimes in double digit percentages. The Traffic Safety Unit is responsible for patrolling all roadways in the county to reduce the number of crashes and fatalities in Florence County. These trained officers are strictly enforcing speeding, seatbelt usage and driving under the influence. The training unit ensures that each deputy within the FCSO receives the proper training required by the State and also advanced training to make sure they are ready to respond to any incident that may arise in Florence County. The FCSO warrants unit is constantly searching for individuals that have outstanding warrants for their arrest. The FCSO K-9 units have proven extremely effective with their assistance in keeping our neighborhoods safe, locating fugitives and missing persons. The aviation unit is available at any time to assist the FCSO with any type or aerial support. The aviation unit is frequently used to assist in locating missing persons, wanted fugitives and other aerial surveillance duties. The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team trains regularly for hostage and barricaded armed suspect scenarios to maintain a constant state of tactical readiness. The EOD unit is able to respond to any call where an explosive device may be used and this unit also has a robot to assist with inspection of packages and other incidents where a robot may be needed. The FCSO dive team is available to respond to any body of water in Florence County to look for and recover property. Additionally, the FCSO Special Operations division has Investigators assigned on a full time basis to the U.S. Marshal's Fugitive Task Force and the Drug Enforcement Administration Task Force.