The Criminal Investigations Division has within it highly-trained and experienced personnel who tirelessly investigate murders, armed robberies, rapes, crimes against children, arson, gang violence, criminal activity, narcotics trafficking and crime scene analysis. The Captain, Lieutenants, and Investigators constantly strive to obtain justice and a sense of closure (with the assistance of 2 full time Victim Advocates) for the victims of crime and their families. Additionally, the FCSO has Investigators assigned on a full time basis to the FBI and South Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force. The Forensic/Crime Scene Unit is comprised of a Lieutenant and three highly trained individuals who are responsible for the collection, processing and storage of evidence as part of criminal and narcotics investigations. Our drug lab is now fully operational with one full time Chemist. Two Evidence Technicians are responsible for vehicle towing and the storage of vehicles and other confiscated or recovered property for the FCSO. Polygraph services are provided for the Sheriff's Office through contractual agreements. The Records Division works with the Criminal Investigations Division and is responsible for the collection, transcription and coding of over 1200 incident reports per month that serve as a basis for successful criminal prosecutions.