As we enter this season of Thanksgiving, we cannot help but reflect on the year that has passed and the many things for which we are thankful. As we all know, 2015 has been an incredibly
 difficult year for those in law enforcement, especially in South Carolina. Far too many times this year, national and international headlines have featured heartbreaking stories from our beloved state. Many of those stories have scrutinized the behavior of our fellow law enforcement officers. While we readily admit that all law enforcement officers are not perfect, we would also contend that the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers in our state serve with selfless ambitions and pure motives. That is what makes these trying times so difficult to bear.

It is during these times, however, that we must stop and remember that there are men and women across South Carolina, and across our nation, who support law enforcement officers and are willing to stand beside us as we face adversity.  So, as we count our many blessings during this season of Thanksgiving, we would be remiss if we did not take a moment to say that we are thankful for you! Through your support of the South Carolina Sheriffs’ Association, you have demonstrated your willingness to stand with us during some of our toughest times. We thank you for your vote of confidence and promise to work hand in hand with you to protect and serve our communities with integrity, equality, and compassion. It is only with your support and our belief in God that we can face the dangers of this job and serve with a genuine belief that the best really is yet to come!

As you prepare to enjoy time with friends and family over the coming days, please be mindful of the fact that brave men and women are standing watch today to ensure your safety and well-being. Again, we thank you for your unwavering support and wish you a very happy Thanksgiving!


Sheriff Kenney Boone