Did you know that all goods seized, found or abandoned and managed by law enforcement agencies are required to be sold through public auction after a required hold period? If the law enforcement agency is unable to reunite the good with its rightful owner, they must auction it off at a public auction.

Products featured for auction on PropertyRoom.com come from all over the country. By law, public agencies, like your local law enforcement agency, are required to auction off surplus and unclaimed goods.

Some of the goods are a result in crime – burglaries, auto theft, shoplifting, credit card fraud, tax evasion, etc. So when we say you could get a Steal of a Deal, we mean it!

PropertyRoom.com also auctions unclaimed goods found on transit systems, aquariums, universities and airports.

FCSO uses property room to auction various items, these items can be viewed by following the link below. Visit PropertyRoom.com to make a bid on any of these items.

PDF of item photos

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