The Florence County Sheriff’s Office is the largest departmental entity within Florence County Government.  They are tasked with providing for the safety and security of over 130,000 citizens distributed over 800 geographical square miles.  Concentrating on being a true pro-active law enforcement agency, the FCSO constantly strives to blend professional personnel within state-of-the-art technology to provide the finest of law enforcement services to the citizens of Florence County.


Commanding the agency is the Florence County Sheriff who is supported by a command staff directly supervised by the Chief Deputy.


The Patrol Division is commanded by a Captain.  The Patrol Division maintains a 24/7 blanket of security for Florence County with sworn deputies who respond to calls ranging from criminal domestic violence to murder.  They perform a wide variety of public service safety and security functions.  The Civil Department works within the Patrol Division providing an essential function in the service of numerous legal documents while the Warrants Division is assigned the duties of processing and serving warrants throughout the county.  The Sergeant/Fleet Manager is responsible for maintaining the Sheriff’s Office fleet of vehicles to include maintenance, procuring new vehicles, and outfitting all sworn personnel with uniforms, radios, and all other necessary equipment. 


The Criminal Investigations Division has within it highly-trained and experienced personnel who tirelessly investigate murders, armed robberies, rapes, crimes against children, arson, gang violence, criminal activity, narcotics trafficking and crime scene analysis.  The Captain, Lieutenants, and Investigators constantly strive to obtain justice and a sense of closure (with the assistance of 2 full time Victim Advocates) for the victims of crime and their families.  Additionally, the FCSO has Investigators assigned on a full time basis to the DEA, FBI and U.S. Marshal’s Service.  The Forensic/Crime Scene Unit is comprised of a Lieutenant and three highly trained individuals who are responsible for the collection, processing and storage of evidence as part of criminal and narcotics investigations.  Our drug lab is now fully operational with one full time Chemist.  Two Evidence Technicians are responsible for vehicle towing and the storage of vehicles and other confiscated or recovered property for the FCSO.  Polygraph services are provided for the Sheriff’s Office through contractual agreements.  The Records Division works with the Criminal Investigations Division and is responsible for the collection, transcription and coding of over 1,200 incident reports per month that serve as a basis for successful criminal prosecutions.  The Criminal Enforcement Unit provides drug interdiction along Florence County’s highways and interstates.  They are responsible for patrolling the interstates and highways to stop the transportation of illegal contraband, recovering the assets from illegal activities, wanted criminals, and other criminal activity.  The Pro-Active Community Enforcement Unit (PACE), a division of Patrol, has been instrumental in reducing the numbers of some crimes in double digit percentages.  K-9 units have proven extremely effective with their assistance in keeping our neighborhoods safe.


The Special Operations Division of the FCSO lives by the motto “train hard…for the day will come”.  The Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team trains regularly for hostage and barricaded armed suspect scenarios to maintain a constant state of tactical readiness.  The FCSO Bloodhound Tracking Team also is an integral part of the FCSO response to volatile situations.  Under the leadership of the Captain, the training department ensures that each deputy within the FCSO receives the proper training.  The School Resource Office (SRO) Program has sworn deputies assigned to schools within Florence County acting as a liaison between the Sheriff’s Office, the school, and the community, gathering intelligence on gang activity, burglaries, juvenile crime, etc.  They also enforce state laws and County Ordinances while at schools and related functions throughout the community.  Officers also assist other divisions within the Sheriff’s Office.  The Public Relations Sergeant’s responsibility is educating the public about crime prevention through citizen awareness programs.  The Special Events Lieutenant coordinates Camp Pee Dee Pride, as well as special projects such as the Annual FCSO Fishing and Golf Tournaments, which raise money to support Camp Pee Dee Pride.  The Explorer Camp and BLAST Camp also provide youth with insight into law enforcement while participating in an educational camp.  As a part of the Special Operations Division, the Courtroom Division, supervised by a Lieutenant and Sergeant, provides courtroom security to protect the lives and welfare of county judges, staff, jurors, and the general public while in court sessions.  


The Sheriff’s Office Coordinator and Sheriff’s Administrative Assistant handle all human resource functions for the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center, including payroll, as well as assist the Sheriff with all of his administrative duties. The Administrative Manager oversees the financial operations of the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center, preparation of budgets, and looks for ways to obtain grant funding.  The Captain/Public Information Officer serves as the spokesperson for the agency. He provides legal services for the Sheriff’s Office and Detention Center, as well as assists with major crimes.  While most within this division do not wear badges or carry guns, their commitment and dedication is integral to the vital mission of the FCSO, which is providing for the safety and security for all Florence County citizens.